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Use ultrasound imaging during filler injections for optimal results and increased safety. This patient had her chin augmented with filler using vascular mapping and microcannulas.

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Ultrasound imaging can be incorporated into all aspects of aesthetics. Evaluate the vascularity of the face prior to injections to improve safety and efficacy of fillers. Measure skin thicknesses to better deliver energy for improving acne scars or tissue tightening. Get better measurements of skin and fat prior to treatment for more objective results rather than rely solely on before and after photos. Use ultrasound to assist with sclerotherapy and venous access. Evaluate filler complications and composition rather than educated guesses.

Dr. Steven F. Weiner is a Board Certified Head and Neck Surgeon who Specializes in Facial Plastic Surgery. In 2005, he laid down his scalpel and concentrated his practice on nonsurgical cosmetic enhancements. Dr. Weiner is a leader in the field and has trained thousands of injectors throughout the world. He divides his time between his practice, The Aesthetic Clinique, trainings, lectures, and authoring textbooks.


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